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Starting a New Business Venture
Starting a Business
Process Before Starting
Resources Needed
Skills Needed
Required Start-up Items
Tasks for Start-up
Legal Requirements
Financial Management
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Cash Flow Management
Preparation of Budgets
Raising Capital
Setting Up a Debtors / Creditors
Setting Up a Stock Control
Legal Agreements
Basic Conditions of Employment
Joint Venture Agreement
Lease Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Purchase Agreement
Sales Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Customer Service
Export Marketing Investment
Marketing Plan
Sales Implementation Plan
Market Assessment / Evaluation
Marketing Implementation
Marketing Tools
Sales Promotion
Marketing Research
Marketing Campaign Evaluation
Growing Your Business
Business Expansion Plan
Business Growth Plan
Business Improvement Plan
Business Turnaround Plan
Business Valuation
DTI Incentives
Due Diligence
Feasability Study
Product Testing / Development
Production Planning / Layout
Productivity Improvement Plan
Research Plan
Business Management
Assistance in Aquiring Turnover
BEE Partnering
Business Administration
Business Plan
Management Systems
IT Hardware and Software
Systems and Quality Standards
Human Resource Management
Discipline Misconduct
Poor Work Performance
Procedurally Fair Enquiry
Performance Evaluation
Pricing a Product
Pricing a Service
Example: Export Costing Sheet
Checklist of Costs
Guest House Management
Checklist for Bedroom
Daily Cleaning
Laundry List