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Contract of Employment
Human Resources Templates
Attend a Councelling Session
HR - Personnel Records
Disciplinary Details
Acknowledge Resignation
Attendance Register
Employment Details
Time / Wage Register
Termination of Services
Personal Details
HR - Discipline
Disciplinary Incident
Disciplinary Hearing Decision
Disciplinary Appeal
Disciplinary Appeal Decision
Example of Disciplinary Code
Attend a Disciplinary Hearing
HR - Grievances
Grievance (Staff Member)
Grievance (Supervisor)
HR - Warnings
First Written Warning
Final Written Warning
Unsatisfactory Performance
HR - Suspension
Pending a Disciplinary Hearing
Pending an Investigation
HR - Performance
Performance Agreement
Performance Evaluation
Basic Financial Planning
Labour Costs
Product Costing
Letters of Demand
Defective Goods / Services
Arrears Installment Warning
Letter for General Demand
Short Delivery of Goods
Loans and Credit
Acknowledgement of Loan
Monies on Account
Offers from the Customer
Pay in Full Settlement
Pay in Installments
Rejecting Settlement Offer
Vehicle Travel Report / Claim
Travel Expense Report
Cash Transactions
Daily Cash Report
Petty Cash Voucher
Guest House Management
Accomodation Reservation
Confirmation of Reservation
Letter of Welcome
Quality Customer Service
Marketing Budget
Competitive Analysis Worksheet
Market Research Cost Analysis
Marketing Development Plan
Rating Marketing Media
General Office Management
Maintenance Request
Office Supplies Request
Sales and Products
Product Stock Control
Product Return Report
Sales Representative Evaluation
Sales Report
Remuneration and Payroll
Commission Summary